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Psychological Immigration Evaluations
For Asylum, VAWA, U-Visa, T-Visa, and Hardship Cases

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About Psychological Immigration Evaluations

A psychological immigration evaluation is an in-depth conversation with a mental health professional followed by a written report that can be included in immigration or waiver petitions. The interview often focuses on a client's history in their native country, reason for immigrating, and mental/emotional health. Evaluations have the potential to significantly strengthen immigration cases. 

With my skills at building therapeutic relationships, diagnostic assessment, cultural sensitivity, and trauma-informed care, I can support clients to share the impact of difficult life experiences. In 2021, I received specific training and consultation in conducting psychological evaluations for asylum and other immigration cases. Since then, I have worked with numerous attorneys and clients from Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

For each case I offer:​

  • An informational sheet and preparation for clients

  • A comprehensive clinical interview through secure video conferencing, usually lasting 3-5 hours. (Please note, I am English-speaking and willing to work with interpreters as needed.)

  • A high-quality report within 2 weeks or less of the evaluation date

  • Collaboration with legal and other professionals, to ensure consistency and that legal standards are met

  • Client referrals for follow-up mental health or social services

  • Expert witness testimony if needed

Rates and Policies

  • Available for adults who currently reside in California

  • Fees are $800 for Asylum, U-Visa, and T-Visa Cases and $1,000 for VAWA Assessment and Hardship Waivers

    • Standard service 2 weeks (14 business days between interview and report submission)

    • Additional $200 rush fee for a 7-day turnaround

    • Payment accepted through Venmo, Cash, or Check, due prior to the evaluation

  • I am not able to bill insurance, but sliding scale or payment plan options are available upon request 

  • My cancellation policy is 48-hours


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